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1993 - present Nike UK and NIKE EUROPE

Jane Wake is a sponsored Nike Master Trainer and has helped over a long and lasting relationship to develop and act as a spokesperson for many Nike women's campaigns…

2011 - Nike Training Club

Jane helped to launch Nike Training Club as a programme in clubs and through an innovative app that can be downloaded free onto your Iphone or Itouch. The campaign continues to develop with a new launch of the programme in Summer 2011 to which Jane has played a key part.

body-a-wake team body-a-wake team

2008 - Victory Dance to Bejing

Young women from around Europe were picked to win a trip to Bejing in the year of the 2008 Olympics and to Train with Jane in the backdrop of this magnificent event. The trip was filmed as a documentary on and broadcast throughout the whole of Europe.

body-a-wake team

2005 - 2008 Nike Rockstar Workout

Jane was the European Technical Consultant on Nike's phenomenal Dance Workout, choreographed by Jamie King.

2003 - 2004, Jumpstart Campaign

A national women's fitness campaign, designed to encourage women to exercise. This also included an online tool created by Jane Wake which also featured the following athletes alongside Jane; Paula Radcliff, Denise Lewis and Arsenal Ladies Goal keeper Emma Bryne.

2002 Find Yourself

Women's gym campaign. Led by Jane Wake, Body A-Wake trained a team of elite instructors who executed a national tour, teaching the unique Find Yourself fitness class in gyms around the country.

1993 - 1997, Nike Total Body Conditioning/Nike Sports Conditioning

Body A-Wake created and organized around the UK, instructor education tours that generated the birth of Nike led classes in clubs and Leisure centres around the country

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2010 American Express

Body A-Wake created unique communication tools and provided much of the inspiration for American Express internal wellness campaign 'Healthy Living' The campaigned was launched with 'YOU' Days around American Express's major UK sites, motivating thousands of American Express employees to improve their health through effective, exercise, holistic and nutritional practises.

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2009 - Active for Life - Fitness Industry Association (FIA)

Body A-Wake created a unique training manual for Gym managers and instructors to be able to deliver the FIA's arm of the Department of Health's Active for Life campaign. This included and online healthy living monitoring tool, devised by Jane and a workshop tour delivered by Jane and fitness presenters Jo Lewis and Damon Phipps-Newman.

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2006 - 2007 BP Shipping

Body A-Wake were contracted by BP Shipping Ltd to implement Fitness Suites and training programmes for their entire international shipping fleet. Body A-Wake worked along side fitness equipment suppliers to develop bespoke fitness facilities along with individual training programmes for all shipping personnel.. Through a careful and dedicated review process, technical specification, design, procurement, implementation and follow up, Body A-Wake enabled BP Shipping to provide state of the art fitness facilities and tailored fitness programming for all its shipping staff.

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2004 - 2008 Alpro

Jane was a consultant and expert for 'Healthy Living' events sponsored by Alpro. This included:

2004 How to Re-Vitalise your life

Sponsored article

2004 The Good Food Show - NEC Birmingham

Live presentations at Alpro Healthy Living Theatre

2005 The Good Food Show – NEC Birmingham

Live presentations at Alpro Healthy Living Theatre.

2006 Local and National Radio interviews

- Activity as a part of healthy balanced living.

2007 - 20088 The Year of Well being.

Development of Activity and health related domains for The Year of Well-being website

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2001 - 2007 Flora

Jane Wake was involved with number of Flora campaigns which have required a wide range of Wellness services. This includes the development of community based health programmes, web based fitness campaigns and the provision of marathon trainers and sports massage therapists for the London Marathon.

Flora pro.activ New Years Resolution Campaign.

With a team of top personal trainers, Body A-Wake supported local interest stories around the country, helping individuals to improve their health and wellbeing.

Flora's Fitness Rangers

- devised fitness plans for Kids to get more involved in fitness, primarily making them the focal point of the family unit. As Flora Fitness Rangers they were motivated to improve their own fitness but also that of other family members.

Flora Fit Street

– Developed with Kate Bosomworth from KTB PR the Fit Street concept and helped to implement the programme in Clapham Park - an area of regeneration in Central London. The campaign was also the subject of a study by South Bank University and had a ground breaking effect in terms of how to provide community health programmes that effectively work on a local level.

Flora's Fit at Forty Marathon campaign

- Jane trained Team Captain Lorraine Kelly and devised workshops and training camps for runners

Flora Family Marathon

- devised online training programmes and trained Captains Lorraine Kelly, Sir Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pincent

Lulu's Cholesterol Challenge

- wrote fitness advice and subsequent online programmes for Flora pro.activ

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2002 - 2004 LeSport Health Spa St Lucia

Jane Wake developed a bespoke Holiday experience at this award winning health spa in St Lucia. Entitled Body Aware, this unique programme enables guest to find their true fitness whilst on holiday and take this unique experience back home with them.

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2003 - 2006 The Discovery Health Channel

As well as Jane presenting on a number of their health related shows, Jane Wake was also commissioned to write and develop the 'Fitness Files Calculator' and a New Year weight loss plan for the Discovery Health website, now called Discovery Home and Health.

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2000 Boots Plc

Jane was a member of a prestigious Think Tank to help develop Boots Wellness Brand 'Body 360'

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2000 Icircle

Jane developed content for Freeserve's website Icircle one of the very first online personal training sites.

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2000 Weight Watchers

Jane worked with weight watchers to help develop their activity points calculator, a major part of the Weight Watchers points system.

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