A Fitter Workplace

Body A-Wake has unique capabilities when it comes to developing health and fitness services for your company. We have a vast amount of fitness experience in technical specification, design, programming and communication and can develop a tailored health and fitness environment that really works for your business. Whether you have a 1000 m2 fitness facility or no dedicated business space at all...100,000 employees or 10 - we know what it takes to create a fitter, healthier workplace

What we can do

REVIEW your current provision and determine your companies specific needs through careful analysis of environment, space, size and profile.

DEVELOP procurement strategies to ensure the best and most competitively priced fitness resources are sourced, tailored to your needs.

PLAN and design your own, unique, onsite health and fitness environment

COMMUNICATE through digital, media and hard copy, personalised fitness and wellbeing programmes that ensure maximum retention, feedback and benefits for you and your staff.

REVIEW the new provision, its usage rates and impact on workplace health, fitness and well-being.

To arrange for a free initial consultation or proposal, please email info@body-a-wake.com for more details.


Encouraging employees to take part in programmes has not always been a simple task. Whilst work site programmes give individuals easier access, research now reports on the need for programs that consider work culture, less organised or structured forms of participation and the role of management support.

Successful participation is dependent on motivational factors that not only increase accessibility but also adherence.