A Fitter Education

The following presentations are designed for trained fitness professionals. Seminars and practical presentations for health related practitioners and the public are also available in each subject, on request. We can also tailor subjects to your specific needs, such as ‘Family fitness’ and ‘Fitness in the workplace’ . Please email for more details.

Fit to Deliver

Fit to Deliver is an advanced level Instructor training programme. Body A-Wake is proud to present a two-day certification course with leading world authorities on Pre and postnatal Exercise. The course is accredited by ACE and Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS), giving you both CPD and CEC credits for American and English professional bodies.

Fit To Deliver is a Canadian organisation and its co-developers, Dr Karen Nordahl and Carl Petersen present the course along with Jane Wake from the UK . The course is suitable for fitness professionals with minimum (REPs) level 2 fitness qualification, already trained pre and postnatal instructors and experienced fitness professionals looking to widen their repertoire. It is also suitable for midwives and physiotherapist with a background in exercise.

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Fit to Deliver

One day re-certification programme

Guidelines and research on Pre and postnatal exercise are constantly being updated. If you haven’t trained in Fit to Deliver or any other Pre or postnatal exercise programme for over a year and still wish to practise in this field, then we advise you update your skills using this programme.

Go to the Fit to Deliver recertification for more details

Fit to Ski, Fit to Play

Fit to Ski and Fit to Play are innovative sports specific workshops for fitness leaders and sports injury specialists. They are led by Carl Petersen, leading sports physiotherapist, fitness consultant for the Canadian Alpine Ski Team and coach and physiotherapist to a number of world class athletes in a range of sports.

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Stretch to the Limits

Stretching is one of the most under-rated exercise mode within our training programmes, often being placed at the end of a class or PT session when time is running out and its true benefits remain undeveloped. Stretch to the limits is a factual and practical workshop that embraces the importance of workouts such as Yoga and Pilates whilst developing exercise ideas for endless stretch workouts.

From birth through to old age our muscular structure changes to such an extent that stretching, along with balanced posture and strength can become the key to not only sports movement but life function.

Stretch to the Limits is run as an in-house instructor training programme. If you would like to book a workshop please email

Getting to the Core of It

Core training has become the main stay of most exercise programmes. Previously the domain of physio’s and a handful of Pilates devotees, the majority of us used to be quite content to be told to simply ‘hold good posture’ or ‘stand tall’ whilst exercising. Research and practice however has shown us that for true functional movement where the human body can work in its most efficient and effective form, we really do need to discover our ‘core’. This workshop will define, explore and help you to develop a true understanding of core training.

Getting to the Core of It is run as an in-house instructor training programme. If you would like to book a workshop please email


TKO is the ultimate combat workout. Based on original karate moves that have been broken down into a series of user friendly blocks, punches and kicks. Each move can be learnt and then gradually built up into patterns that generate fantastic fitness benefits. With the unique TKO, Mind-Body Link, participants of TKO not only realise their full fitness potential but also experience feelings of stress relief, wellbeing, better health and greater confidence.

TKO has been created by Jane Wake M.Sc. and Dean Hodgkin B.Sc. Dean Hodgkin, three times World Karate Champion, two times European and an international fitness presenter is renowned for his creative programming within the fitness arena. Having worked together on other projects such as the highly successful programme BODYMAX, Dean and Jane have combined their creative ideas and expertise to give the fitness market a unique programme with original features that no other martial arts fitness workout can match.

TKO is run as an in-house instructor training programme. If you would like to book a workshop please email